Boston Fashion Week kicked off it’s 6th annual Launch this week – a show featuring five up-and-coming designers from fashion programs. Ty Sinnett, Maryanne Meservey, Chynna Pope, Dominique Quinque, and Jeffrey Dickerson were among the names chosen for an exclusive debut into runway design.

1. Ty Sinnett


Ty Sinnett featured bright printed tops and flowy dresses – designed to allow women to move freely.

2. Maryanne Meservey


Maryanne Meservey focused on up-cycled rocker frocks made from old button-down shirts. She describes her aesthetic as “ecopunk.”

3. Chynna Pope


Chynna Pope says her looks “have tailored aspects that contour to the form, but also have flow and movement.” Case in point: This pleated black dress.

4. Dominique Quinque


German-born Dominique Quinque says she infuses her pieces with “unexpected details and an element of surprise.” The removable overskirt of this ensemble swished with each step.

5. Jeffrey Dickerson


Jeffrey Designer is a Lady Gaga fan, and this devotion can be seen in the dramatic details of his clothing. He wants wearing his designs to feel like “a performance, even if it’s just to the grocery store.” This billowing skirt would certainly turn heads while crashing into grocery carts at Whole Foods.

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