Chanel designer, Karl Lagerfeld started what can only be described as a “feminist revolution” yesterday on the catwalk to cap off his SS15 Collection at Paris Fashion Week.

Sporting an infamously non-political voice, Lagerfeld has been quoted saying,

“Everything I say is a joke. I myself am a joke.”

And how could we forget his nonchalant dismissal of concerns over zero-sized models, calling them,

“whining’s of fat mommies with bags of crisps.”

Yet, with Cara Delevingne leading the charge with a microphone and Kendall Jenner holding a sign reading, “Women’s Rights Are More Than Alright”, it’s hard to ignore the positive message this stunt portrays, even if it’s meant to be mildly satirical.

Defending his title as the “Master of Fashion Shows”, Lagerfeld used fashion to tap into a subject that is modern and important in pop culture. Our favourite sign was inspired by Emma Watson’s, “He For She” campaign.


Here’s a short clip from the show:

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