10. Ankle-Length Dresses

This model showcased the beautiful twirling-effect her outfit has! We love the slit at the front, as well as the comfortable sneakers she’s wearing. Fitted, wavy, comfortable and sexy.


9. Cool-Girl Ensemble

Printed shirt, high-waisted leather shorts, vibrant lipstick, and yes, a rose! This #MFW model makes an easy rebellious outfit look fashionable and desirable!


8. Kendall Jenner – Leather and Denim

Always immaculately dressed (on and off the runway) Kendall Jenner walks through the streets of Milan wearing black leather and contrasting charcoal denim. Fashion tip: Make sure your purse matches your boots!


7. Geometric Pants

Street style is a fun way to experiment with “bold meets practical”. These geometric pants were easy to spot through the streets of Milan, and something we look forward to seeing more of come SS15.


6. Suede

This model’s combination of fringe, suede and contrasting white is completely on point for SS15. I wonder what’s in the sparkly Gucci bag?! 🙂


5. Two-Toned Fur

This random show-goer was captured wearing a two-toned fur coat with a matching fishtail braid and clutch. Tons of eye-catching qualities!


4. Coco Rocha’s Statement Suit

If you haven’t heard of the Canadian-born supermodel, here she is. Coco Rocha strutted through the streets of Milan wearing this printed statement suit from Roberto Cavalli’s SS15 Collection.


3. Oversized Sweater

A fall season and fashion model favourite, the oversized sweater is warm and probably one of the easiest articles of clothing to slip in and out of between shows.


2. Coco Rocha’s Vibrant Blazer

Canadian-born supermodel from Toronto, Ontario, Coco Rocha knows how to make a grand entrance as she struts through the streets of Milan, approaching the #MFW runway.


1. Malaika Firth

The Kenyan-born British supermodel took a break between runway sets to hit the streets of Milan in high-waisted shorts, a crop top and gorgeous heels. Think she might be having a little fun?


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