Angelos Bratis
Angelos Bratis thanks his mentor, Giorgio Armani, at the end of his opening day show – Milan Fashion Week 2014.

80 year old Giorgio Armani has been designing clean tailored looks straight out of Italy for the better part of 4 decades. As is the case with any successful businessman who’s age has finally caught up to his success and fortune, Giorgio will soon be looking to hand the reigns of his company to a bright up-and-coming protégé.

Meet Angelos Bratis

The 36 year old Greek has an MA in Fashion Design and currently lives in Milan where he designs his eponymous collection and works as a consultant for prominent fashion houses. Known for his stand out styles and impeccable technique, Giorgio Armani opted to take the Greek designer under his wing and sponsor his SS15 Collection at Milan Fashion Week.

SS15 Collection

Bratis opted for a pared-down collection in order to showcase his own singular style. What we were left with was a small sample of evening dresses in featherweight textiles, including crepe de Chine and silk twill. Here are some of our favourites from his collection:

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