Fall is here – which means you’re going to be in a fluctuating state between hot and cold. With high’s of 28 and lows of 9, it’s a difficult task to dress comfortably for an entire day’s events. Breezy dresses will leave you cold and covered with goosebumps, while leggings and a jacket will have you looking for the nearest fountain to jump in.

Is there a solution?

Of course. Line & Dot’s 2014 Fall Fashion Collection features an array of rompers, onesies, skirts, dresses and coats that will keep you at a perfect balance between hot and cold! Take this Daria Quilted Flare Skirt for example. By layering it with a matching sweater, you can stay cool during the day and cozy during those brisk evening strolls.

So take a browse through spread and explore the wonderful array of colour and texture that is fall fashion!

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