Elie Saab Paris Fashion Week

The Paris Haute Couture Fashion Show brings together some of the world’s most prestigious designers for a week-long display of style and beauty. The dazzling masterpieces range from gossamer evening gowns to coquettish dresses. Chanel, Versace, Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Dior are amongst the powerhouse designers that frontline the event every year.

In an attempt to capture the “incandescent beauty” that surrounds the Paris skyline, designer Elie Saab focused his collection on

“The intensity, clarity and warmth of the Parisian early evening sky”

through the romance of crimson, midnight indigo, blue glacier and antiqued rosé.

Disney’s Frozen

If the Parisian accented theme wasn’t enchanting enough, Saab introduced a line of Disney themed cocktail dresses and elaborate gowns that emulated the movie, Frozen, with Princess Elsa as his star. The dresses were accented with lace, corsets, and glimmering tapestry that imitated the extravagant chandeliers hanging above. Here are some highlights from his collection. Which are your favourites?

Elie Saab 2014 CollectionElie Saab 2014 CollectionElie Saab 2014 CollectionElie Saab 2014 CollectionElie Saab 2014 CollectionElie Saab 2014 Collection

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