With the Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week coming to an end on July 11th, we are left with a combination of modern and historical precursors. Atelier Versace fashioned a line of long dresses with revealing slits, while designer Elie Saab journeyed under the sea by creating dresses with A-line shapes that glimmered in all shades of blue. It’s easy to gawk at the exceptional design work and flawless material that these fashion models wear, but it leaves you with a stark reminder of the exclusivity behind each of these brands. Chanel President, Bruno Pavlovsky admits:

“Haute Couture is sold to the happy few – about 1,000 customers in the world”

It is perhaps this exclusivity that allows elite designers to shine. While at the same time, Paris Fashion Week offers non-designers a chance to showcase their own beauty, style work and creativity. Here are some of our favourite outfits spotted throughout the week:

Street Style Elie Saab Black Lace Elie Saab Elegance  Jean Paul Gaultier Leather

Chanel Dress Street Style Accessories  Chanel Handbag Atelier Versace Jared Leto All-Black Ensemble

Miranda Kerr

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